Nowadays telecommuting is no longer news to anyone, and in this article we will give you 5 tips to help you improve your productivity while working from home.

1 – Create your workspace

At home we are comfortable, in our own space, and the temptation for distractions is much greater. To avoid distractions, create your own office. Choose a room in your house that has good exposure to the sun and set up the office to your liking with the essentials for your work.

Working in bed, while it may seem tempting, is not good, as it is a space associated with rest and can reduce productivity.

2 – Get dressed

You don’t have to wear your best pants , your best shirt. The important thing is to avoid staying in your pajamas.

Dress as if you were in your normal workplace.

3 – Set goals

Setting daily goals will help you focus on 0work. Try to make these goals realistic and make notes in a digital or physical document. This way you will be much more focused on your work and avoid getting stuck.

4 – Keep in touch with colleagues

You may not be in the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with your coworkers. Talk to them and exchange ideas about the projects they are working on, either by message or video call. Nowadays it is very easy to keep in touch from a distance.

Applications you can use: Discord, Whatsapp, or any other social network.

5 – Set a schedule and take short breaks

One of the biggest advantages of telecommuting is the flexibility of workers’ schedules. However, remember that all jobs have a deadline and this deadline must be met.

Although you are home alone, don’t forget to take breaks to rest and regain energy and concentration. Those who work in an office have specific motivations, such as the call of a colleague, to take “tactical breaks” to drink coffee or eat something. When you are telecommuting you can do the same, taking the opportunity to get some air on the balcony or in the garden.

And here are 5 tips to start increasing your productivity while working from home. Start putting the tips into practice now and become a much more productive person during your telecommuting day.