Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, which is an option that has become increasingly popular today.

Throughout time, work has always been an … (One must click to see more) external activity. However, with the great advance of the Internet, the opportunity has also arisen for people to be able to do their professional activities without leaving their own homes.

Currently, there are several companies that give this possibility to their workers and the population that has adhered to telecommuting. However, working at home doesn’t only bring advantages, it is necessary to prevent some problems so that the option of working at home is not a bad experience. Professionals who decide to convert their home into an office need to pay attention to some issues that can affect their productivity and well-being.

10 Advantages of working at home:

1 – Freedom and autonomy

  • Increase the freedom and autonomy of the worker. Have greater ability to organize their time.

2 – Expenses

  • You will have lower expenses because you don’t have to leave your home, so you will spend less money.

3 – Time

  • You can save a lot of time because you don’t have to leave home and you won’t have to walk in traffic, especially in big cities.

4 – Work and Family

  • Reconciling work life with personal and family life improves, which is generally highly valued.

5 – Productivity

  • If the work is well structured (usually goal-based), you will have much higher productivity.

6 – Working Hours

  • You don’t always have to get up very early or get up at the same time, because there is nothing that will make you late.

7 – Accessibility

  • It allows you to hire people with reduced mobility.

8 – Concentration

  • There are no interruptions from co-workers, plus you don’t have the background noise, working from home brings more quiet and therefore more productivity.

9 – Stress level

  • It reduces stress levels, if that’s the case, because at home you can take a break for a walk or sing a song out loud at any time. Reducing the stress you are under will go a long way toward increasing your productivity, improving your performance, and also your health.

10 – Earnings at home

  • In the beginning, like everything else, it can be difficult, the work can be tiring, exhausting and stressful, but after you get used to it and your business is well established, you can dedicate your time to other ways of earning. Who determines the limit of your earnings is yourself, for many people this is one of the biggest advantages of working from home.

3 Disadvantages of working from home:

1 – Overwork

Not having a fixed schedule can cause some people to not have a work limit. This especially affects those who work exclusively with results based on numbers and productivity. Overwork can lead to health problems if there is not enough time to rest.

Solution: Try to manage your time, organize to get the tasks done, always in an optimized way, for more information we created an  article talking about working in excess and more solutions for this problem, to go to this article click here.

2 – Mix work and leisure

In this way, it can become difficult for the person to divide the time for leisure and the time for work by trying to solve them at the same times. This can cause you to be working all the time, i.e. it will cause overwork, as you will be taking care of aspects of work even when it is not office hours.

Solution: One of the habits you should cultivate to ensure the separation of your work and personal life is to observe each other’s schedules, for the habit to work, it needs to be both about your work schedules and about your schedules outside of work. We have an article that talks about tips for keeping leisure and work in balance, click here to be directed to the page.

3 – Social isolation

Working from home can cause you to spend too many hours in the same space, without going out, and this eventually has consequences for your social life. Over the years, social isolation will become more and more common, and tends to diminish a person’s social life.

Solution: Video calling some co-workers and interacting with them in a virtual way will help establish your social life. You can use applications such as: Skype, Discord, Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You can purchase our phones that allow a better experience in your video calls, just click here.

As we have seen, working at home can bring many advantages, but there may always be something missing and we may have the solution for the improvement of your well-being, from glasses to protect your eyesight, to a humidifier and diffuser to give your house a pleasant air.